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The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism

By: "''Johnson, Phillip E.''"

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Science is the supreme authority in society.If there is a dispute, science arbitrates it. If a law is to be passed, science must ratify it. If truth is to be taught, science must approve it. And when science is ignored, storms of protest are heard in the media, in the university and in local coffee shops.While we may learn a great deal from science, it does not offer us unlimited knowledge. In fact, most scientists readily acknowledge that it cannot deal with ultim... View more info

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Reason in the Balance

By: Phillip E. Johnson

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Voted one of Christianity Today's 1996 Books of the Year In his first book, Darwin on Trial, Berkeley law professor Phillip E. Johnson took on the heavyweights of science. And he got their attention, even provoking a response from neo-Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould in the pages of Scientific American. Now Johnson's back with a book that expands his critique from science to law, education and today's culture wars. Is God unconstitutional? Why is morality forced out of publi... View more info